Policy environment of Lanzhou New Area

Updated: June 18, 2021

Service Environment. Focusing on the goals of "the lowest operating cost, the highest management efficiency, and the best service level", LNA accelerated the reform of "Delegation, Management and Service" and implemented the most simplified and optimized examination and approval, realizing the goal of "one application, one acceptance, one network connection". It becomes the area with the fewest approval items, the simplest approval process and the shortest approval time in Gansu and even the whole country. In 2019, LNA was approved as "National Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone" and "China's (Regional) New Area with the Most Investment and Business Value".

1. To promote the enterprise investment reform project (3.0). LNA continues to optimize the "technical review approval items", and takes the lead in implementing the comprehensive service(project planning + blueprint management + material-shortage acceptance + regional assessment + agency service + parallel approval) in China, and canceled the detailed regulatory review. The enterprise can start construction after obtaining the land use power and producing general plane map, and the whole approval process is compressed within 30 working days.

2. To promote project approvel of material-shortage acceptance. LNA formulates and implements the "Lanzhou New Area Administrative Measures for Investment Projects Approval of Material-shortage Acceptance", which will be applied throughout the entire process of investment project approval. Under the condition that the core requirements are complete, other requirements can not be provided for approval provisionally. Thus, the market investment vitality is effectively stimulated.

3. To improve the efficiency of engineering project approval. LNA continues to proceed the reform of engineering project approval system and promote the application scope of the management system. It is the first in Gansu to push the "cancellation of detailed regulatory review examination and approval" reform. Here can use one form to unite various application materials. It carries out the reform of "multiple regulations in one, multi-examination in one, and multiple evaluating in one" to promote the engineering project "combined approval", realizing the entire online circulation processing from project planning and reservation to the four-stage approval, which further consolidates the foundation of LNA project reservation .

4. Comprehensively deepen "Internet+government services". Fully applying information methods, LNA establishes enterprise cloud files management and promotes the application of electronic license, electronic document and electronic seals, which realizes paperless approval. At the same time, the new implementation of government services such as enterprise one-stop processing, items materials shortage acceptance, online project evaluation, cross-regional electronic certificate mutual recognition and sharing, etc., comprehensively improve the efficiency of project implementation.

Preferential policies. Adhering to the principle of soliciting genuine business, supporting business, and awarding excellent businessmen, LNA promulgated the "Lanzhou New Area Industrial Development Support and Incentive Policy". According to the policy, all types of investment projects and entities in line with the industry investment orientation of LNA will be provided inclusive, comprehensive and continuous supporting awards to promote the rapid and healthy development of the real economy.

Investment reward. Projects (except real estate projects), which are reaching a certain scale and included in the list of basic statistical units in LNA, will be given 2%-8% award with the project's operating fixed assets investment amount as the base number when the project is completed and putted into production (Project's operating fixed assets investment amount is subject to the audit report). For projects who pay construction service VAT at the standard not less than 80% of the construction investment in LNA will be rewarded with an increase of 0.05 percentage points. The high-tech industry project falls within the scope of the "National Supported High-tech Field Catalog I106", the reward rate will be increased by 1 percentage point under the same conditions .

Production factor subsidy. For the industrial enterprises complying with the industrial and environmental protection policies in LNA (annual electricity consumption reaching more than 2 million kwh), the entire amount of electricity is included in the electricity direct-purchase transaction and the electricity price is 0.35-0.5 yuan/kwh. For the domestic well-known big data enterprises fitted into "Silk Road Information Port" construction proposed by Gansu Provincial Government, its basic electricity price will be 0.28 yuan/kwh. Certain subsidies will be given to enterprises that ship goods through the New Area Railway.

Tax and fee support and reward. For all types of enterprises paying taxes in LNA, the LNA finance will conduct reward basing on the retained portion of the various tax payed by the enterprise in LZN that year.

If the total annual tax payment is less than 2 million yuan, 1 number will be given with reward of 60% individual income tax per 500,000 yuan. If the total annual tax payment is more than 2 million yuan including 2 million yuan, 5 number(at least 5) will be given (1 reward for 100% personal income tax, 2 reward for 60%personal income tax, 2 reward for 30% personal income tax). The quota will double per 2 million Yuan. The total amount of reward funds has regulated top limit by the retained amount in LNA of tax payment paid by the enterprises, and the reward of financial insurance company shall reach top limit at 20% total tax payment. Please note that rewards are after tax.

Reward form for companies with tax retained portion


Note: "Retained" in the form refers to the LNA retained portion of the tax payment paid by the enterprise in the previous year; "increment" refers to the increased portion of the LNA retained portion of the tax payment in the current year compared with last year.

Enterprise managers, whose output value or main business income reaches industrial standard included in the list of basic statistical units for the first time, will be rewarded. Among them, industrial enterprise manager will be awarded 100,000 yuan, commercial enterprise manager will be rewarded 30,000 yuan, and the reward will be implemented after 3 months of normal operation.

Bulk Trade Rewards. Bulk trade enterprises registered in LZA, which operate and pay taxes according to law, will be rewarded with a 50% to 73% stamp duty payment based on the annual trade quota of the bulk trade.

Stamp duty reward form for bulk trade enterprises


Financing support and reward. For the enterprises with risk under-control, good development prospects and certain collateral, LNA financing platform company can vouch for them to help them solve short-term financing problems. The financing time and cost are agreed by both parties. For enterprises registered, successfully listed on the Main Board or the GEM, and raise capital by floating shares in LNA, LNA Finance will give the enterprise reward of 8 million yuan at a time.

Science and technology innovation support and reward. For national engineering technology research and development centers and key laboratories in LNA, which are approved to carry out project research and development, LNA finance will give a one-time reward of 1 million yuan. For the provincial engineering technology research centers and key laboratories, which are approved to carry out project research and development, LNA finance will give a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan. For the national-level and provincial-level testing center, which works in LNA for more than three months, LNA finance will give a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan respectively. For enterprises or individuals that generate income tax in LNA by investing in technology shares, LNA finance will give a 100% after-tax reward of the income tax amount.

For enterprises that purchase technological achievements, LNA finance will grant a subsidy of 5% of the cumulative sales revenue of new products formed by the achievements after two years when the technical contract is recognized and registered. At the same time, the two parties to the technical contract transaction shall not have any affiliation, joint construction and property rights ties, etc. If the R&D achievements reach the agreed target and are effectively transformed in LNA, LNA finance will grant a 15% reward of its R&D fixed asset investment amount. For the introduced academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering or the Yangtze River Scholars, the talent apartments or housing will be provided for free during their work in LNA.

Endowment insurance subsidies. For enterprises entered LNA from 2017 to 2021, LNA grants subsidies with pension funds payed by enterprise in the previous year as the base according to certain standards. For enterprises that entered LNA since the its establishment, LNA grants subsidies with 20% pension funds payed by enterprise in the previous year. For enterprises entered in LNA after February 8, 2018, 30% pension funds payed by the enterprise in the previous year will be provided.

Honors and Awards. LNA conducts appraisal activities to reward units and individuals annually. The activities confer honorary title for "Outstanding Enterprise", "Top 10 Taxpayers", "Special Contribution Award", "Employment Contribution Award", "Technological Innovation Unit", "Excellent Grass-roots Party Organization", "Civilized Unit", "Honest Enterprise and Labor Model", "Outstanding Entrepreneur", "Young Expert", "Skilled Craftsmen", "Advanced Worker", etc.

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