Exhibitions during the Expo and Festival

Updated: September 27, 2021 chinadaily.com.cn

Guest Country Exhibition (South Korean culture and tourism, and creative products exhibition)

The opening ceremony of the Guest Country Exhibition (South Korean culture and tourism, and creative products exhibition), one of four main exhibitions held offline during the 5th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo and the 10th Dunhuang Tour-Silk Road International Tourism Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Expo and Festival), took place on Sept 24.

Kim Byeong- kwon, Consul General of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Xi'an, and Zhang Jingang, vice governor of Gansu province, attended the event and cut a ribbon to announce the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition covers nearly 600 square meters with six areas for Korean clothing, food and beverages, cosmetics, traditional dance performances, interactive games, and tourism promotion negotiations.

It enables audiences to taste Korean street food on the spot, reminisce about the TV series "Dae Jang Geum", participate in interactive question and answer games, and experience the fruitful results of cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.

Looking for Dunhuang Worldwide - Exhibition of duplicate cultural relics of Dunhuang scattered overseas

The Looking for Dunhuang Worldwide - Exhibition of duplicate cultural relics of Dunhuang scattered overseas mainly displays replicas from Dunhuang's "library cave" (which offers an encyclopedic insight into Buddhism and secular life over the course of a millennium) that have been collected by foreign organizations, such as the British Museum, the British Library, the Guimet Museum (Musee National des Arts asiatiques Guimet), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Jiuquan Cultural Heritage Bureau and the Jiuquan Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, organizers of the exhibition that covers an area of 1,500 sq m, have reproduced various cultural relics such as silk paintings, paper paintings, linen paintings and scriptures in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-581), Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, Five Dynasties (907-960), and Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) with 3D non-destructive high-definition scanning technology, allowing them to create replicas that are the same size and color as the originals.

With the help of photoelectric technology, they also restored Dunhuang's "library cave" in three units - Discovering the Library Cave, Art Treasures Scattered Overseas and Reappearance of Dunhuang Art, showing audiences 200 copies of Dunhuang treasures and 100 replicas of Dunhuang library cave cultural relics and Buddhist cultural relics from museums in the Jiuquan area.

Dunhuang musical instruments, clothing, performances of Dunhuang dance and Dunhuang music were displayed, displaying the glory of Dunhuang art from different aspects. The precious cultural relics and Dunhuang culture gave guests a stunning and intoxicating experience.

The Works of Chang Shana Design Award Exhibition

Covering nearly 1,300 sq m, the Chang Shana Design Award exhibition has five units that fully display the art of Chang Shana, the inheritor of "Mogao Grottoes Spirit" who puts the cultural heritage of Chinese characteristics into practice.

The exhibition shows audiences the winning and final works of the first "Chang Shana" Design Awards, and allows people to feel the beauty that design art brings to life and appreciate the application value of Dunhuang art patterns.

The Silk Road Cultural Tourism Commodities Exhibition

The Silk Road Cultural Tourism Commodities Exhibition is taking place on the second floor of Hall C, Dunhuang International Convention & Exhibition Center, covering an area of around 3,500 sq m.

It exhibits cultural and creative tourism products, intangible cultural heritage products, handicrafts, famous specialties, sweet foods, healthcare products, tourism fashion products and leisure products from 14 cities and prefectures of Gansu province.

The products include carved lacquer, hemp shoes, huaniu apple, pepper, sea buckthorn juice, and chrysanthemum tea from Tianshui; handmade noodles, honey, linseed oil, pumpkin seeds, chili sauce, honeydew melon, red dates, fennel, quinoa, and yak meat products from Wuwei; sachets, embroidery, paper-cutting, shadow puppets, cloth stickers and other cultural and creative products from Qingyang; colored pottery crafts, brick carvings, waist knives, handmade carpets, clay sculptures, egg carvings, and embroidery from Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture; porcelain cups, nunchakus, camping lights, night lights, jewelries, and clay sculptures from Jiuquan; cast iron kitchenware, incense burners, and hand-woven carpets from Jinchang; cultural and creative tourism products from Jiayuguan; and copper crafts, ceramic products, and agricultural products from Baiyin.

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