Medical teams aiding Qilihe head home

Updated: November 9, 2021

Qilihe, a district of Lanzhou in Northwest China's Gansu province, held a farewell ceremony for medical assistance teams on Nov 8, saluting their tremendous efforts to curb COVID-19 infections there.

Since the outbreak of a new wave of locally transmitted cases in Qilihe, medics from other areas in Gansu have come to support the district.

These medics worked closely with local medical workers to conduct all-inclusive nucleic acid testing and complete other tasks. Thanks to their joint efforts, the spread of the virus was quickly put under control.


People attend a farewell ceremony for medics who aided Qilihe district on Nov 8. [Photo/]

"Our hospital has sent over 1,000 staff members to Qilihe to screen any potential infections. Although the work is physically challenging, my colleagues have fought bravely on the frontlines and completed all of their assignments. It was also an inspirational experience for them," a representative from Gansu Provincial People's Hospital said at the ceremony.


An enterprise sends home-grown lily bulbs to medical teams. [Photo/]

Qilihe presented home-grown lily bulbs, an agricultural product that can be used for traditional Chinese medicines, to the medical teams in commemoration of the friendship between them and the district in the anti-COVID battle.

Rui Wengang, Party chief of Qilihe, expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the local government and residents, and invited them to visit scenic sites there in the next spring.

Traffic police escorted them before they left the district. Many residents volunteered to bid farewell.

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Copyright © Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily.