Blossoming Prosperity: Gansu Yongdeng's Kushui roses pave the way to rural revitalization

Updated: May 28,

Lanzhou, the capital of Northwest China's Gansu province, boasts a long and storied history of rose cultivation. Notably, Kushui township in Yongdeng county is renowned for growing some of the finest roses in the country.

Every May, Kushui roses burst into bloom, filling the fields of Yongdeng's Kushui township with their delightful fragrance. The process is a symphony of activities: farmers harvest the roses, which are then collected, stored in cold storage, and processed. Fresh flowers are fed into temperature-controlled production lines where essential oil and hydrosol are extracted, ready for distribution and sale. The production workshop at Gansu Dashouyin Rose Technology Co in Yongdeng Kushui is bustling with activity.

The flourishing rose industry has paved a path to prosperity. At Gansu Dashouyin Rose Technology Co, the purchase of fresh flowers alone benefits around 1,500 households across five natural villages in Kushui township, significantly increasing farmers' incomes and expanding agricultural industrialization in Yongdeng county. Through a model of company-driven agriculture, paired assistance, and financial poverty alleviation, the company actively participates in poverty reduction and income generation for impoverished households. Seasonal employment at the company ranges from 300 to 500 workers, providing job opportunities to Kushui residents.

The dedication of the flower farmers ensures that every Kushui rose shines and sparkles with mostly crimson color.

After the harvest, the flowers are collected and stored in cold storage. Then, they are processed on production lines. The entire process takes place in the bustling workshops of Yongdeng Kushui.

Roses and essential rose oil produced in Yongdeng account for more than 50 percent of the national total, highlighting the area's pivotal role in China's rose industry.            

Without processing, agricultural products cannot bring wealth. Today, Kushui township in Gansu is continuously expanding its rose industry chain by developing refined products such as rose essential oil, significantly increasing added value to the rose industry.

The "Kushui Rose" has been listed as a "Ganwei" agricultural specialty product, boosting its brand value. Currently, the rose planting area has surpassed 100,000 mu (approximately 16,474 acres), with an annual fresh flower production of over 25.8 million kilograms and an annual output value of 600 million yuan ($87 million), directly benefiting more than 50,000 farming households with an average income increase of over 12,000 yuan ($1,759) per household. The "Rose Rejuvenation" plan is now in full swing, driven by the Water-Rich Rose Fragrance Rural Revitalization Demonstration Belt, focusing on the comprehensive development of the rose industry. Kushui Rose has now become a distinctive economic variety with multiple uses, including ornamental, oil, edible, medicinal, brewing, and fragrance applications.

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Copyright © Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily.