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Flower Industrial Demonstration Park Project, Qilihe district

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: July 21, 2021

Project overview

The Flower Industrial Demonstration Park Project in Qilihe district, Lanzhou city includes a flower industrial demonstration park and trading center, a flower production demonstration base, and a flower culture center.

Covering an area of 160 mu (10.67 hectares), the flower industrial demonstration park and trading center will have industrial parks of flowers, potted flowers, fresh cut flowers and home-gardening, as well as a gardening materials wholesale trading center.

Planned by the government, the flower production demonstration base will attract enterprises to establish production bases and demonstration parks, equip the parks and bases with production facilities, and help local farmers develop the flower production industry to form a large-scale and specialized production system. 

The flower culture center will develop flower exhibitions and expos, sightseeing, tourism, as well as flower production and sales. The center aims to add a cultural feature to the flower industry and help the industry make greater contributions to social development. 

Investment advantages 

1. Location advantages

The Liuying Flower Base in Xijinping, Xiguoyuan town, Qilihe district, is located in the southern suburbs of Lanzhou, five kilometers from the urban area. Zhoujiashan is adjacent to the east, Zhangjialing of Huangyu Town to the south, Huangyu Town to the west, and Yanjiaping to the north. The base has a total of more than 200 solar greenhouses for flower, vegetable, and edible mushroom production, as well as for strawberry picking. The project boasts convenient transportation and complete water and circuit facilities, including tap water and pumping irrigation from the Yellow River. As many as 80 greenhouses and sheds have been used for flower growing, but their outdated facilities are in need of upgrading. 

2. Market advantages

Currently one of the most dynamic industries in China, the flower industry features broad development prospects. As the Chinese have an increasing demand for flowers, the flower industry has developed rapidly. This has played an important role in the adjustment of the agricultural structure and it becoming a sunrise industry for enterprise and social investment.

3. Industrial advantages

The statistics show that a large amount of seasonal flowers are needed for the urban greening and beautification in Lanzhou every year, with current conservative data estimates around 20 million pots per year. With its convenient location and transportation, the project lowers flower production costs, improves flower quality, and has great market competitiveness.

Economic and social benefits

After the completion of the flower breeding base, the project will increase employment by more than 50-60 local surplus laborers of Xiguoyuan Town, Qilihe district, significantly increase the per capita income of local villagers, and help them get out of poverty. 

The base also provides training and practical internships for garden flower seedling production, garden environment creation, and green space maintenance and management technology. It would be capable of training 100-120 flower gardening talents every year, boosting the employment of college students and vocational college students. In addition, the base will help to develop the flower production industry in the local and surrounding areas, increase the income of villagers, and promote land circulation. It will be a source of great social benefits for the local area.

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